Fuel up your leaders!

Help us turn your soldiers into true warrior leaders!

Leadership Training

Many of the leaders we work with feel overwhelmed and uncertain. They lack a plan to overcome challenges. Your leaders are dedicated to serving. Your leaders know how to tactically execute their mission. But they haven’t been given the tools to overcome mental health and workplace culture challenges.

We care about you and your team. We know soldiers need to be resilient and healthy in body, mind and spirit!


With well-practiced strategies and teaching methods, we teach your team to excel on all fronts.


Warrior Leader soldiers walk away with practical tools they can use in their our lives, as well as in the field.


Our team has a proven track record as leaders, keynote speakers and trainers.

Paul Krismer

Workplace Culture Expert

Drawing on 25+ years as a leader in the injury prevention industry, Paul teaches leaders how to shift perspective about company culture and mental health in order to achieve higher effectiveness.

Paul’s delivery leaves audience members wanting more and feeling inspired. His unique approach radically shifts perspectives organization culture. His rating on feedback forms average 9.2 out of 10 and nearly all those who respond say they would like to have Paul return to the same event.

Jackson Kerchis

Happiness Researcher and Educator

Jackson is an author, certified executive coach, and cofounder of Happiness Means Business.

Jackson believes that the science of happiness has the power to transform organizations. He combines his experience as a happiness researcher and college educator with his business acumen as a management consultant and startup COO of StudentFi.org to deliver unique, insightful, and inspiring content at the intersection of happiness, mental health and business.

After finishing his economics major at University of Alabama in two years, he decided to create the world’s first Bachelor of Science in Happiness Studies.

In the years to come, he began speaking at conferences and business events, won a Lightbulb Research grant, and taught the first Happiness course at the University of Alabama. He also lived as a Zen monk and hosts regular meditation classes and retreats.

Gloria Bea

Client Engagement Director

Gloria has over 8 years assisting business owners and executives manage their day-to-day administrative tasks with efficiency. Ensuring seamless operations and exceptional client experiences are her core strengths.

Evaryl Dayanan

Administrative Assistant

Evaryl is our talented administrative powerhouse. She oversees all our client files, data management and works closely with Gloria in client relations.

Carbon Offset

As trainers, we travel a lot! That means jet planes taking our team everywhere we go, leaving significant carbon emissions in their wake. We invest in carbon offsets, so that our team’s flights have zero impact on the atmosphere.

Global air travel causes approximately 2% of the world’s carbon emissions. For every flight taken, we purchase offsets from Sustainable Travel International, a Gold Certified and internationally recognized program.